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کتاب تمرینات قدرتی سالمندان به همراه آموزش جامع تصویری

Strength Training After 40
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هديـه خریـد

پس‌ از خرید این کتاب، ده درصـد از مبلغ پرداختی به عنوان هديـه خریـد به کیف پول شما واریز می‌شود. شما می‌توانید برای خریدهای بعدی خود از آن مبلغ استفاده نمایید.

کتاب تمرینات قدرتی سالمندان ( Strength Training After Forty)، یک مرجع راهنمای برای رسیدن به تناسب اندام و اندام موزون در بالای چهل سالگی است که به صورت تصویری و دستورالمعل گام به گام به ارائه مباحث پرداخته است و در کنار هر حرکت توضیحات تکمیلی ارائه نموده است.

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  مطالب کتاب در قالب فصل های مجزا دسته بندی شده است، در ابتدا نکاتی پیرامون عضله سازی در میان سالی و رده سنی چهل سال به بالا مطرح شده است و در ادامه تمرینات روتین روزانه به همراه تمرینات وزن بدن قرار گرفته است. در انتها نیز مجموعه ای از مباحث مرتبط با علم تغذیه بیان شده است.

  کتاب تمرینات قدرتی سالمندان به همراه آموزش جامع تصویری در سایت ناشر آن، به مبلغ دویست هزار تومان قیمت گذاری شده است. مشخصات کامل این اثر، به همراه محتوا و متن کتاب در سایت گوگل بوک قابل مشاهده است.

   نویسنده کتاب، باز تامپسون (Baz Thompson)، متخصص تناسب اندام و مربی بین المللی بدنسازی است که با بسیاری از افراد سرشناس و مشهود در جهان همکای داشته است. او تا کنون چندین دوره آموزشی در سراسر دنیا برگزار کرده است و چند عنوان کتاب نیز منتشر نموده است.

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If so, Strength Training After 40: A Practical Guide to Building and Maintaining a Healthier, Leaner, and Stronger Body is the right book for you! This book will teach you everything you need to know about weight lifting and muscle building for achieving your body's natural potential. It will show you exactly how often and at what pace to exercise, and help you design a personalized fitness plan that will show real, visible results! Do you know how important it is to exercise when you're over 40? Did you know that proper fitness at a mature age can preserve your cardiac health, improve your social activity, benefit your mental health, and help slow down the effects of aging? It's true! Regular and correct exercise can preserve the youthful liveliness and vigor that you so badly want! But, proper exercise is never as easy as it seems, is it? You don't know how to fit workouts into your schedule, your physical strength may have diminished, and you feel like you're a lot less flexible than you used to be. All that's about to change! With a little bit of learning, you'll know exactly what to do and how to do it to regain your exercise potential and retrieve the energy you once had. This book will show you how to: Exercise successfully at a mature age Diet and exercise to get your weight down, and even strengthen your immune system and prevent disease Understand your body's natural capacity to endure stress, build muscle, recover, and maintain flexibility Learn the right pace for exercise and the expected timeframe to achieve the desired results Plan the most suitable and effective exercises for your body type Execute the right exercises, with the right weights and routines Cut through the confusion and misconceptions about weight lifting, strength and muscle-building Attain a stronger, leaner body, with more defined muscle mass, and less body fat Achieve good cardiovascular condition, leading to better health and well-being Design a healthy, sustainable diet plan that supports working out after 40 and… MUCH, MUCH MORE! This book will show you how to overcome the common obstacles to exercising after 40. It will show you how to deal with stress, lack of energy, less flexibility, pain, and setbacks. You will learn how to adapt your workouts to avoid overstrain and injury, and so much more! It will help you set the right goals for your body and feel motivated start to finish! With this book, it will become crystal clear which exercises your body needs, how often to do them, how to do them and how to get ready, how to rest afterward to enhance your shape, and how to fit exercise into your busy schedule. This won't be yet another ambitious list of demanding exercises that will be out of your reach. This book is perfectly suited to the real-life needs of real-life people! So, what are you waiting for? Click "Buy Now" and gain instant access to your ideal exercise list and schedule! Find out the true properties and potentials of your body type, its unique dietary needs to support exercise after 40, and ready-to-use workouts and diet routines that you can start applying RIGHT NOW! Strength Training After 40: A Practical Guide to Building and Maintaining a Healthier, Leaner, and Stronger Body is waiting for you just around the corner!

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کتاب تمرینات قدرتی سالمندان
کتاب تمرینات قدرتی سالمندان به همراه آموزش جامع تصویری

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